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Efficient Mobile App Marketing Tactics

In a backdrop of over a million mobile apps in the app stores, app-developers really need to have strong marketing programs and consistent efforts to ensure that their app gets adequate visibility, acceptance and is used by their customers.
These marketing tactics can get you started - but then, the efforts need to be consistent:

1. Make Your App Useful to Customers - It really makes sense to include smart functionalities in the mobile app that their customers could actually benefit from. You should avoid creating an app just for the sake of it or to have a billboard of your company in the app store. Rather, create an app that will show real utilities to the customers – trust me, it’d be a cool proposition and real value to your business as well.

2. Create A Unique Mobile Offering, your USP - It could mean executing a highly specialized function through your mobile app, or offering features that no other app offers. At times, it could mean both - you somehow need to ensure that your app has something to offer that your competitors' mobile solutions do not. This will guarantee a user base for your app. Make your mobile application unique in some way. It would mean some more hard work and investment, but then, it's certainly worth of it.

3. Early Releases and Regular Releases - To help you maintain a loyal user base. You need to schedule the feature releases and upgrades in close frequencies - so that your app is often talked about . Word of mouth is the best ways to market your app, so please do not hesitate to spread the word around to your existing customers, partners and stake holders.

4. Share Across Social Media - Let your existing audiences know that you’ve developed a mobile app with real useful functionality or content and they will surely check it out. They will also share the app on their social media profiles to enable further downloads for your mobile app – if you declare a cool soft-incentive scheme for the same.

5. Optimize your Mobile App for the App Store - You certainly need to be found when users search for apps like that of yours - surely, you want to top the result chart. This can be done by utilizing the right combination of titles, keywords and descriptions. App store optimization is really too crucial, because without it, users may not ever know about you existence. You should work towards it even before you launch your app – and never cease your efforts till you have your app available for download. All of these things can together boost the visibility and user acceptance for your mobile app - and the user is the one doing all the marketing for you leading to the grand viral effect!